What are Kontakt.io SDKs?

Both iOS and Android operating systems have built-in tools that allow them to interact with Kontakt.io Beacons, Gateways, as well as Kontakt.io Cloud API. However, these are very generic tools, that require building a lot of abstraction on top of them, manually parsing of the detected data, etc.

To help developers and simplify the process of integrating Kontakt.io products into your applications we have prepared SDKs that make detection, interaction with and configuration of Kontakt.io devices easy and much less error-prone than working with raw BLE data.

We strive to provide feature parity between iOS and Android versions of our SDKs, but please keep in mind that those are two completely different platforms. They represent different philosophies and designs for handling Bluetooth signals, so please be aware that some functionality might work slightly different depending on a platform you develop for.