Skip to content iOS Quickstart Guide iOS SDK is the best way to fully utilize beacons in your iOS application. It allows you to write proximity-based apps with ease, giving you full access to all the features of the platform.

With iOS SDK, your app will be able to detect both iBeacon and Eddystone beacons so it can present the most relevant content to users in the most secure manner. Additionally, it can enhance your app with beacon configuration and health monitoring functionality.

Before you begin

Handling beacons is a relatively easy task but it might cause some confusion at the beginning due to a number of new concepts that are often misunderstood. Because of that we recommend becoming familiar with Apple's Getting Started with iBeacon (PDF) guide as well as Location and Maps Programming Guide before you start working with beacons.

Core Location vs Core Bluetooth

Even though beacons are Bluetooth devices, typical tasks related to them, like detecting them and notifying your application about those events, are handled on iOS in Core Location, not Core Bluetooth. The reason behind this decision boils down to the fact that beacons are used to give your app additional information about proximity to certain objects and/or locations. There is no data being exchanged between a beacon and a user's device nor is any connection established with a beacon. A beacon is only a point of reference that provides a location context. iOS SDK takes advantage of Core Location to detect iBeacons, but the other part of the SDK, responsible for configuring beacons, depends on Core Bluetooth. Please keep that in mind when developing your application.

It's also worth noting that Core Location natively supports only iBeacons. iSO SDK uses this native implementation when monitoring and ranging iBeacons. The same APIs are not available for Eddystone beacons, so in iOS SDK we've enabled similar functionality based on Core Bluetooth. Because of that there are some limitations as to what is possible with Eddystone beacons on iOS, but more on this topic in the next parts of this Quick Start Guide. Web Account and API key

Please also make sure you have a Web Panel Account set up and your beacons added there as well. You will find all necessary instructions needed to accomplish this in our Support Center.

Once you have your account, find and copy your API key. You will need it to take advantage of the more advanced features of the platform.

tvOS and macOS support

Apart from iOS SDK, we provide software development tools for tvOS and macOS as well. However, due to limitations of the Core Location framework on these two platforms, the functionality of the SDK is limited mostly to beacon management features.

This Quickstart Guide will focus only on building iOS applications.