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Android SDK

What is the Android SDK?

The Android SDK is a library for Android OS, distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

The Android SDK supports iBeacon and Eddystone formats.

The SDK provides developers with components to help build applications using Beacons. It covers following areas of functionality:

  • Devices Ranging & Monitoring
  • Device connection
  • Device actions
  • Communicating with Rest API

Want to know more about devices? Check our support page

Introduction Android SDK version 4.0.0 provides Kontakt Telemetry support and other changes and improvements.

Starting with version 2.1.2, SDK artifacts are hosted on jCenter repository (see Setup section below for more details).

Starting with version 5.0.0, SDK artifacts are hosted on Maven Central owing to jCenter sunset. Versions 5.x.x contain features available in 4.x.x, thus they were not migrated to Maven Central - please strive to attach the latest possible sdk dependency, and avoid being dependent on historic artifacts.

If you have any problems feel free to hit us up on Github with any questions and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can.


A working example with the SDK v5.0.14 components is available via's sample beacon application.

Known issues

Android BLE scan bug

There is a known Android Bug which causes some devices to scan for Beacons or other Bluetooth devices only once instead of continuously. We have introduced a class in the SDK - ForceScanConfiguration, to mitigate this problem by restarting the scan after a given interval.

Reporting issues

If the SDK does not work according to your expectancy or if you have any suggestion that could improve the library, please raise an issue on the Kontakt-SDK Github repository.

Open Source Licenses

As of the release of Android SDK 3.3.3 we use third party software from Square developers including:

Square Retrofit 2.0.0

The Retrofit 2 is referenced internally by KontaktCloud.

Retrofit 2 License