Packets Interleaving

All beacons can transmit (broadcast) both iBeacon and Eddystone packets. Managers of these beacons can freely chose which exact packets are broadcasted by each beacon. For example, if you need only iBeacon and Eddystone-URL packets, you don't need two separate beacons and you don't need to broadcast other Eddystone packets.


For nRF51-based beacons please upgrade to firmware 4.1 or newer to enable this functionality

In short, the broadcasting scheme allows you to enable:

  • iBeacon protocol only
  • Eddystone protocol only - You can specify what packet types (UID, URL, TLM, and EID where available) should be active
  • Both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols - You can independently set the advertised data for iBeacon profile, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL, and enable Eddystone TLM and Eddystone EID packet types

Additional information:

  • At least one packet type is required for broadcasting (either iBeacon or Eddystone)
  • beacons can only broadcast one type of advertising packet at a time
  • The order of broadcasting packets cannot be change

For official introduction of this feature, please visit our blog post about the Packets Interleaving solution.