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Eddystone beacons provide full support for broadcasting Eddystone packets.

You can read the complete specification of all Eddystone packets on Google's GitHub.

Below you will find some information about the specifics of Eddystone implementation on platform.

Eddystone Configuration Service

By default beacons are configureable though Secure Communication protocol and they do not support Eddystone Configuration Service. That's because Eddystone Configuration Service does not provide a way to configure other functionality that you can find on beacons, like broadcasting iBeacon packets, sending Telemetry data, etc.

If you require beacons with Eddystone Configuration Service, please get in touch with our Sales Team before placing an order. We can provide special firmware for our beacons with only the Eddystone support, including Eddystone Configuration Service.


The generic Eddystone firmware is not compatible with the rest of infrastructure - you won't be able to configure beacons with this firmware through App, they won't be visible in Panel, etc.

Eddystone-EID support

Standard beacons are already preconfigured to work with resolver. If you want to use your own resolver, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team to get the Identity Key configured on your beacons. devices with standard firmware do not support ECDH key exchange.


The Eddystone Telemetry frame transmits information about the physical Beacon - battery voltage, device temperature and broadcast count since last reboot. It does not contain information from sensors on-board a beacon. Its role is to provide beacon fleet managers with information about their devices.

Check the Google documentation for more details about the Eddystone-TLM frame.