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This section explains all steps requierd to start using Portal Light gateway. Make sure you have created your Kio Cloud account and claimed devices using your Order ID - please check Getting started section

Configure Portal Light using Installer App

Set SSID and Password

Go to Device Management -> Gateways

Select gateways that you need to set password and click on Bulk Edit. Set correct Network Name and Network Password. After you click Save Changes, new configuration is created in Kio Cloud, this configuration is automatically synchronized with your Kio Gateway Installer App.

Plug Portal Light in to power socket and wait for solid red light on the device.

Open Kio Gateway Installer on your mobile device, click Install devices button on the bottom of the screen and select Portal Light Setup.

Bring your mobile close to device that you are going to send configuration to.

Follow the istructions on the mobile app, your Portal Light will be automatically detected and mobile app will proceed with config update.

Configure Portal Light using default SSID

Setting up Default Network for Portal Light

When you plug your Portal Light for the first time it will automatically start searching for it’s preconfigured WiFi network. When you unboxed Portal Light and plugged it to the power socket for the first time device needs to synchronize with Cloud its configuration. This step is called provisioning.

You need to set up this network to enable full functionality of the device.


The Default network also applies in the case when your Portal Light loses the connection with your own custom WiFi then automatically it will reconnect to the default network (whenever this network is available).

Set up kontaktDeployment SSID

First step is to set up additional SSID on your access point or mobile phone hotspot using the parameters below. Network configuration:

  • SSID - kontaktDeployment
  • Password - LTPGjjwp256
  • Network security - WPA, WPA2-PSK, WEP
  • WiFi Frequency - 2.4 GHz


Customers can request to have their network name and password preconfigured on the Portal Light during the production. Network details and Kio Cloud account need to be provided when ordering Portal Lights.

Plug in your Portal Light to a power socket.

The device will start and you will see the following LED sequence on the device:

  • RED LED (up to 5 sec) - the device is starting up
  • BLUE LED blinking (up to a few minutes) - Firmware upgrade in progress
  • YELLOW LED blinking (up to 1 minute) - Connected to default network - waiting for time synchronization
  • GREEN LED solid - The Portal Light is connected to the network, scanning Bluetooth devices and sending data to the cloud. Now you can also reconfigure Portal Light to any other WiFi network via the Kio Cloud.


In case of a RED LED status - no default network available and no new network configured on the Portal Light yet. Please check your default network if credentials are ok and if it’s on 2.4 GHz.

Set up Custom WiFi network

Next, please log in to your Kio Cloud account and go to Gateways -> Gateway list, your Portal Light gateway should be marked as Online.

Select one gateway to setup WiFi connection parameters or use Bulk Edit to send new configuration to multiple devices. Populate Network Name with your SSID name and Network Password with password to this network.

Now your Portal Light is correctly configured and communicating with Cloud.

Place Portal Light on a Map

In order for Location Engine to correctly turn beacons reading into their real, Location Engine needs to know where Portal Lights are phisicly mounted in a room.

You can use Smart Location to place Portal Lights in correct places on the map.

Go to Smart Location -> Location -> Building -> Floor, click on Edit button and select Edit Rooms and Devices.

Than, click on button Place Gateways, on the left hand side menu select desired gateway ID and click Add button.

Your gateway appears on the center of the map, you can drag it and place in the correct location. Center of the image should be directly aligned with the place on the map that this device is placed in real world. After you correctly placed all your Portal Lights on a map click on Save button.

After you saved your floor plan, it takes some time for the Location Engine to gather enough data to correctly calculate positions.

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