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Anchor Beacon 2

The most advanced, long-lasting IoT Bluetooth beacon device for wayfinding, indoor navigation, and other location based content use cases.

Key features

  • Up to 8 years battery life (iBeacon, TX power 3, Interval 1000 ms)
  • 2 replaceable batteries
  • Compatible with the BLE Gateways and BLE-enabled Access Points
  • Integrate into your web and iOS and Android apps with the APIs or SDKs
  • Scheduled power saving
  • Battery life data
  • Telemetry data
  • Firmware updates

Activate for use

To activate an Anchor Beacon, pull out the tab that's extended out from the top of the device. This removes the separator from its two batteries.

Battery replacement

Remove its front cover to access its battery compartment - no need to dismount from its install location.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and weight Height 1.9 in (49 mm)
Width 1.9 in (49 mm)
Depth 0.5 in (15 mm)
Electronics Microcontroller nRF52832
Connectivity Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Range up to 328 feet (100 meters)
Available transmission
power levels
-20 to +4 dBm
Sensitivity -96dBm
Communication Over-the-Air (OTA)
Battery and power Battery operating mode RGB LEDs signalling device state
Model ER14250 (1.2 Ah)
Total capacity 2400mAh
Number of batteries 2
Replaceable Yes
Operating temperature range -140°F to 185°F (-60°C to 85°C)
Battery life + 8 years (iBeacon / 1s / -12 dMb)
Activation Battery separator
Sensors Motion sensor 3DH sensor (LIS3DH)
Button Lexan keyboard
connection type
FPC connector is mounted on PCB to accept flat cable from Lexan keyboard
LED and buttons are part of Lexan keyboard
Functionalities BLE broadcasting
Casing Material PC-550k (V0 anti-flammable)
Colors Off white, RAL 9003
Protection IP 52
Mounting Slot for ZIP ties, double-sided tape
Antibacterial surface Yes - Antibacterial and UV resistant
Environmental requirements Operational temperature -77°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C)
Humidity Non-condensing
Beacon standards
iBeacon Yes
Eddystone Yes Secure Profile Yes
Telemetry Yes Location Yes
Warranty 1 year
Product identification QR code MAC address