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Welcome to Kio Cloud Launchpad

The Kio Cloud Launchpad is your central point of access to Kio Cloud features and Kio apps. The following provides an overview of each tile available from your Launchpad.

Launchpad overview

Add devices

When you receive a order, select this tile to add the devices to your Kio Cloud account. You will need your Order ID.

Smart Location

Smart Location reflects your organization’s locations - from your campuses and their buildings to the building floors and spaces.

From your spaces, you will place the install locations of your devices and gateways, including:

  • Portal Beams
  • Portal Lights
  • Cisco Access Points
  • Meraki Access Points

Policy Foundry

Create and manage rule-based policies for the conditions you need to monitor - from beacon signals, battery levels, telemetry data and positions, to location occupancy and environmental conditions.

Device Management

Manage and view your devices, gateways, and external devices - including device information and settings,, iBeacon and Eddystone packets, security, sharing permissions, and external provider integrations.


Manage who has access to your Kio Cloud account and view your account API Key.