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Getting started with Kio Cloud

Kio Cloud provides remote management and monitoring of your solution and access to the Kio Apps. To get started, you need to create a Kio Cloud account. From your account, you will then add your devices with the Order ID provided by

The following sections explain how to get started with your Kio Cloud journey!

Create your Kio Cloud account

From your web browser, go to

From the Registration form, enter your email and profile information > be sure to verify your email is correct > click CREATE ACCOUNT.

Activate your account

Before you can sign in to your Kio Cloud account, you first have to activate it.

Check your inbox for the account activation email and verify your account. Once verified, you can sign in to your Kio Cloud account.

It may take a few minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. If you did not receive the email, please contact us at

Sign in to Kio Cloud

From your web browser, go to

Sign in with your email or Google account (select Continue with Google).

Add your Kontakt devices to Kio Cloud

To add devices to your account, you need the Order ID provided to you by

To add your devices, sign in to your Kio Cloud account > select Add Devices > enter your Order ID.


An Order ID can be used only once, please make sure to note which Kio Cloud account you assigned it to.

Where can you find your Order ID?

  • In the emails sent to you confirming the order or shipment.
Confirmation Email
  • On the Quick Start Guide card located inside your order's package.
  • If you've received more than one package, the Order ID should be inside the package sealed with a label marked as Important!.


If you cannot find your Order ID, please take note of the unique ID located on your Kontakt devices and contact us at