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About Kio Cloud

Kio Cloud allows you to manage, configure and monitor all your beacons, tags gateways, and access Kio Apps. The following section explains basic activities that need to be performed in order to start using devices and services.

Creating an account in the Kio Cloud

The first step to start your journey with products is to create an account at In order to do that, go to Kio Cloud

Creating a new account with your email

Click on the Registration tab to create a free account . Once you’re redirected to a new view, fill in the form by providing your data, email, and setting up your password.


Double check your data to make sure you’ve got the right email and hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Before you can access your account, you first have to activate it. Check your inbox and click on the activation link—your account is now created! Please allow a few minutes for the activation email to arrive at your inbox. In case you don’t receive it, please reach out to

Creating a new account with Google

You can also sign up using your Google account. Click on Google to create your account and accept the required permissions. You will be asked to also fill out additional registration fields. When your account is ready—log in using the same icon you clicked when signing up.

Finding Your Order ID

An Order ID is the unique number that you’ll need in order to assign your devices to your account. When you assign an Order ID to an account, it automatically claims all devices from that order.


Order ID can be used only once, please make sure to note which account you assigned it to.

Here's where you can find the Order ID

  • In any of the emails sent when placing or shipping the order.
Confirmation Email
  • On the green Quick Start Guide card inside your beacon box.
  • If you've received more than one, it should come inside the one sealed with a label marked as important.

I can't find mine

If you've misplaced the document with your Order ID, then please take note of the unique ID on your devices and contact support