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Gateways management

Gateways Overview

Kio Cloud allows you to check an overview of your gateways. Go to Gateways -> Overview. System shows a summary of your gateways.

On this dashboard, set of information about the gateway and gateway reading is provided.

  • Status of the gateway
  • Chart showing number of beacons in ranfe of the gateway divided in Immediate, Near, Far
  • Total number of devices in range
  • RSSI reading
  • Chart showing trend of total devices seen by the gateway

You can click on gateway ID to go to the details page.

This view provides you with additional information about the gateway readings.

Gateway List

Gateway List similar to beacon list provides you with all details about your gateways such as Unique ID, Alias, Firmware, Tags, Type, Location, Status, Order ID.

Gateway details

By clicking on Unique ID of particular gateway you can go to details page.

Device informations

This section provide basic information about your gateway such as firmware version, access to the device, or status (Online/Offline)

WiFi network propertie

You can easily configure custom WiFi setting using this section, set following details

  • Network Authentication - Personal, Enterprise, Open Wifi
  • Network Name
  • Password for Personal network or User and Password for Enterprise network.


You can configure alias for your gateway.


You can also set tags to your gateway for easy management.