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Kio Cloud allows you to check an overview of your beacon infractructure. Go to Beacons -> Overview. System shows a summary of your beacons. You can check:


Battery statuses

Chart showing number of beacons at certain battery level. After you click on range that is interresting on you chart will show all beacons unique id's with battery within this range. It helps you to see if any of them already require battery replacement.


Since devices such as beacons or portal beams are not directly connected to the internet, in order to show battery levels devices needs to be in range of Portal Light gateway or mobile application.

Last seen

Shows the information when beacons were last seen by the gateway or mobile application.

Pending config

As mentioned before, in order to synchronize changes in the configuration between panel and beacons there needs to be either Mobile application or Portal Light gateway used.


This can also be achieved by third party gateways we support integration with i.e. Cisco Access Points.

Model and firmware distribution

A chart showing version of firmware per beacon model, you can easily determine if all your beacons are up to date.

Beacon list

Beacon list allows you to manage all your beacons settings.

Beacons list

On the list there are all beacons that are associated to your account. You can cee its Unique ID(Name), Product, Profile, Tags, Battery level, Notes, TX Power, Interval, Major, Minor, Order ID.

Filter beacons list


You can apply a filter on the beacons listo to show you beacons by:

  • Product
  • Firmware
  • Batttery level
  • Last seen

Advanded search extends list of filter option:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Order ID
  • Tags
  • Manager
  • Major
  • Minow
  • UUID
  • Instance ID

Export to CSV

You can also export beacons list to CSV file with all details and configuration options

Bulk edit

Bulk edit allows you to edit properies of multiple devices at the same time. Note that if you are to change configuration for different devices only common options can be edited.