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General settings

Edit beacon properties

Click on a beacon name that you would like to edit settings.

Beacon properties

Device Information

This section shows device informations such as:

  • Product
  • Firmware
  • Access
  • Battery Level
  • Last connection
  • Password
  • MAC Address


MAC Address provided there is a MAC address that Kontakt packet is broadcasted on. Kontakt packet can include Telemetry and Location informations.

General Settings

This section allows you to change Name of the beacon, TX Power and interval that this beacon is broadcasting BLE packets.

Device tags

Also, for easy management and searching, you can add tags to beacons. You can use these tags to as filter on Bracon list.

Device packets

This section allows you to define what packets are enabled on your beacon.

Device packets
  • Enable/disable iBeacon and change UUID, Major, Minor
  • Enable/disable Eddystone UID, change Namespace, Instance ID, Enable/disable Edystone URL, TLM, EID, Encrypted TLM
  • Enable disable Kontakt Packet, Telemetry, Location.


Kontakt packet should be alway enabled. This packed is used to synchronise configuration of the beacon.

Learn more about beacon packets